An open, fast and flexible framework for analysing seismic data in Julia.

What is Seis.jl?

Seis is a Julia package for dealing with seismic data. It allows you to read and write files, and perform processing on them.

Even more importantly, it provides a flexible foundation on which to build your own processig workflows. For example, the following packages build on Seis to provide extra functionality and form the Seis ecosystem:

  • SeisRequests downloads seismic data from remote servers direct to your machine.
  • SeisSplit performs shear wave splitting analysis.
  • Beamforming uses arrays of seismic recordings to stack data to detect signals.
  • SeisTau calculates travel times of seismic waves through models of the Earth (and other planets).

How to install

Seis can be added to your Julia environment like so:

julia> ] # Press ']' to enter the REPL Pkg mode
(@v1.4)> add


To check that your install is working correctly, you can run the package's tests by doing:

julia> import Pkg; Pkg.test("Seis")